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Base Set

2003 Topps ATFF Base 020.JPG

The 150-card base set features former major league baseball players shown on classic Topps baseball card designs. The players were selected as being "Fan Favorites" and include many Hall of Fame players. The photography is all new though, using never before seen pictures of many of the players. But there is a variation.

The Monte Irvine card #108 comes in two variations, One with faxsimile signature and one without. Both variations were distributed in equal quanities. Either card is considered to complete the 150 basic card set. Neither card is a premium

Chrome Refractor Parallel Set

There is a single parallel set for 2003 ATFF. The Chrome Refractor set is serial numbered to 299 copies each.

Insert Sets


2003 Topps ATFF Auto MM.JPG

165 (even more than the base set!) on-card autographs were inserted into packs at an overall rate of a little more than one per box. Most of the autographs were live but five players had to be packed out as redemption cards. There were 11 different groups each having varying insert rates. None of the cards are serial numbered.

Best Seat in the House Relics

2003 Topps ATFF Best Seat 4.JPG

5 cards featuring pieces of stadium seats or benches were inserted as box toppers in 1:13 boxes. Each card featured three to four players from one particular team. These cards are sometimes difficult to find on the secondary market.


2003 Topps ATFF Relic KP.JPG

43 game used cards were inserted as box-toppers in hobby boxes. Most of the pieces were bat chips, but there were a few jersey swatches and pants swatches.

Vintage Embossed

  • Vintage Embossed.

184 different cards were purchased by Topps, embossed with a stamp to signify that they were buybacks. These were inserted in box topper packs.  Some are numbered to as low as 1/1 and as high as 3122! Cards that are pre-1957 were issued as exchange cards because they could not fit in modern sized packs. These were inserted at a rate of 1:96 packs.

Zimmer Autoproofs

By far the most rare insert in 2033 Topps ATFF, cards from 13 different Topps sets featuring Don Zimmer were purchased by Topps and inserted into packs at a rate of 1:4971 packs! The highest serial number is 29 while two cards are 1/1's.

Team Topps Legends Autographs

  • 2001 Topps Team Topps Legends Autographs

Random inserts in place of the regular AATF autographs.  Team Topps Legends  autograph cards were random inserts in many differant Topps products for several years. Issued in two series, 2001 and 2002. Autos are on card signatures of mostly 'Hall of Famers'. Cards have the foil holograph sticker on back side of card.