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Main Set[]

2003 Topps Heritage Base 407

Base Set[]

Short Prints[]

  1. 1 Alex Rodriguez (black)
    #3 Ichiro Suzuki
    #6 Brian Giles (old logo)
    #7 Albert Pujols (black)
    #10 Derek Jeter (old logo)
    #11 Pat Burrell (vintage logo)
    #18 Lance Burkman (black)
    #20 Todd Helton (black)
    #27 Rodrigo Lopez (old logo)
    #30 Sammy Sosa (old logo)
    #50 Kazuhisa Ishii (black)
    #80 Randy Johnson (black)
    #85 Manuel Ramirez (SP)
    #94 Jason Perry (SP)
    #100 Nomar Garciaparra (old logo)
    #128 Adam LaRoche (SP)
    #132 Craig Brazell (SP)
    #139 Joe & Jake Mauer (black)
    #141 Trey Hodges (SP)
    #150 Mike Piazza (black)
    #156 Randall Simon (old logo)
    #170 Andy Marte (SP)
    #175 Bernie Castro (SP)
    #190 Jim Thome (old logo)
    #200 Vladimir Guerrero (SP)
    #201 Walter Young (SP)
    #239 Jeff Clark (SP)
    #250 Alex Rodriguez (SP)
    #260 Miguel Tejada (black)
    #302 Magglio Ordonez (old logo)
    #325 Adam Dunn (old logo)
    #340 Alfonso Soriano (black)

Parallel Set[]

Insert Sets[]

Clubhouse Collection[]


2003 Topps Her FB F1

A ten card insert set that recalls specific events from the 1954 season. The regular cards were inserted 1 per 12 packs. 25 serial numbered copies of the Willie Mays card were autographed and also inserted into packs at a rate of 1:65,384 packs.

Grandstand Glory[]

2003 Topps Her GG WM

A twelve card insert set that features Hall of Fame players and wood chips from the seats in old stadiums. The cards were released in six different groups with an overall insertion rate of approximately 1 per 100 packs.

New Age Performers[]

2003 Topps Heritage NA 04

Real One Autographs[]

Then and Now[]

2003 Topps Her TN2

A ten card insert set that features statistical leaders in 2002 and 1954 on the same card. The cards were inserted 1 per 15 packs.

Original Release Information[]

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