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Grandstand Glory is an insert set in 2003 Topps Heritage. This twelve card insert set features players from the 1950's and wood chips from the seats in old stadiums. The cards were released in six different groups with an overall insertion rate of approximately 1 per 100 packs.

Insertion Odds[]

8GROUP A ODDS 1:2804

  • GROUP B ODDS 1:514
  • GROUP C ODDS 1:1446
  • GROUP D ODDS 1:1356
  • GROUP E ODDS 1:654
  • GROUP F ODDS 1:214



Ten of the twelve players included in the checklist are in the Hall of Fame.

Number Player Team Group
AK Al Kaline Tigers F
AP Andy Pafko Dodgers F
DG Dick Groat Pirates D
DS Duke Snider Dodgers A
EB Ernie Banks Cubs C
EM Eddie Mathews Braves F
PR Phil Rizzuto Yankees E
RA Richie Ashburn Phillies B
TK Ted Kluszewski Reds B
WM Willie Mays Giants B
WS Warren Spahn Braves F
YB Yogi Berra Yankees E

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