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Real One Autographs is an insert set in 2003 Topps Heritage. The 45-card set features on card autographs from players from the 1954 season but has a few current mixed in as well. The Blue Ink set had a stated print run of 200 copies and was paralleled with a Red Ink set with a stated print run of 54 copies.

Hank Aaron, Yogi Berra, and Johnny Sain failed to return their cards in time and were inserted as exchange cards that could be redeemed until Feb 25, 2005. Sain was never able to sign his cards due to his failing health, he passed away in November 2006.

The Tommy Lasorda card is notable as it is one of only two certified autographed cards of the legendary player, coach and baseball personality.


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Price Report[]

  • June 2009
    • Monte Irvin Red Ink $50
    • Jose Vidro Blue Ink $7
    • Hank Bauer Blue Ink $32
    • Bob Talbot Blue Ink $23
    • Carl Scheib Blue Ink $18
    • Ray Murray Blue Ink $18
    • Yogi Berra Blue Ink $100 (did not sell)
    • Ernie Banks Red Ink $400 (did not sell)
    • Al Kaline Blue Ink $60 (did not sell)


Number Player Team
AK Al Kaline Tigers
AP Andy Pafko Braves
BR Bob Ross Senators
BS Bill Skowron Yankees
BSH Bobby Shantz A's
BT Bob Talbot Cubs
BWE Bill Werle Red Sox
CH Cal Hogue Pirates
CK Charlie Kress Tigers
CS Carl Scheib A's
DG Dick Groat Pirates
DK Dick Kryhoski Orioles
DL Don Lenhardt Orioles
DLU Don Lund Tigers
DS Duke Snider Dodgers
EB Ernie Banks Cubs
EM Eddie Mayo Phillies
GH Gene Hermanski Pirates
HA Hank Aaron Braves
HB Hank Bauer Yankees
JC Jose Cruz Jr Blue Jays
JP Joe Presko Cardinals
JPO Johnny Podres Dodgers
JR Jimmy Rollins Phillies
JS Johnny Sain Yankees
JV Jose Vidro Expos
JW Jim Willis Cubs
LB Lance Berkman Astros
LJ Larry Jansen Giants
LW Leroy Wheat A's
MB Matt Batts Tigers
MBL Mike Blyzka Orioles
MI Monte Irvin Giants
MM Mickey Micelotta Phillies
MS Mike Sandlock Phillies
PP Paul Penson Phillies
PR Phil Rizzuto Yankees
PRO Preacher Roe Dodgers
RF Roy Face Pirates
RM Ray Murray A's
TL Tom Lasorda Dodgers
VL Vern Law Pirates
WF Whitey Ford Yankees
WM Willie Mays Giants
YB Yogi Berra Yankees

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