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The base set of 2004 Bowman Heritage is a 351 card master set with 300 base cards and 51 short prints (inserted 1 per 3 packs). These cards are based on the 1955 Bowman set (the last of the released for the public Bowman designs) with the TV border. The cards are all set up as landscaped photographs rather than portrait in reference to the original set. Cards 40 and 48 feature Victor and Pedro Martinez, each card had a short printed variation with the wrong Martinez's stats on the back. The original 1955 set made the same mistake (albeit unintentionally) with card #48 Milt Bolling. Additionally the Giles brothers are featured on one card #139 as homage to the original set that featured the Shantz brothers on the same numerical card. Umpires are also included in the set as a reference to the original 1955 set.

Key rookies in this set include: Yadier Molina, Matt Bush, Homer Bailey, Thomas Diamond, Gaby Hernandez, Wade Davis, Josh Fields, Greg Golson, Phil Hughes, Matt Tuiasosopo, Blake DeWitt, Huston Street, Reid Brignac, Conor Jackson, Carlos Quentin, Kazuo Matsui, Zach Duke, Fausto Carmona, Chris Shelton, Lastings Milledge, and Felix Hernandez.



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