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The Signs of Greatness set was another series of autographed inserts in 2004 Bowman Heritage. These cards feature the signatures of some of the top prospects in 2004. Phillip Hughes is far and away the most popular card in this set.

The blue ink set was inserted at a rate of 1:57 hobby and 1:122 retail and was not serial numbered. The red ink version was inserted at a rate of 1:999 Hobby and 1:2038 retail and had a hand serial numbered print run of 55 copies.

Originally Bill Bray and Taylor Tankersley had cards included in the checklist from Topps. Those cards are now believed to have not been printed and do not exist.


Price Report[]

  • June 2009
    • Phillip Hughes $16, $26


  • CL Chris Lambert
  • GG Greg Golson
  • JM Jeff Marquez
  • JR Jay Rainville
  • MB Matt Bush
  • MR Mark Rogers
  • NW Neil Walker
  • PH Phil Hughes
  • TD Travis Diamond
  • TP Trevor Plouffe