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Signs of the Future is an insert set in 2004 Bowman. This 19-card set features sticker autographs of many prospects in baseball. When released the checklist was very strong with some of the big names in the hobby, Brandon Wood, Ryan Harvey, and Nick Markakis. Over time Joey Votto has become the best player in the set.


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Number Player Team Group
AH Aaron Hill Blue Jays A
BC Brent Clevlen Tigers A
BF Brian Finch Orioles D
BM Brandon Medders Diamondbacks A
BS Brian Snyder A's D
BW Brandon Wood Angels B
CS Corey Shafer Orioles A
DS Denard Span Twins A
ED Eric Duncan Yankees D
GS Grady Sizemore Indians D
IC Ismael Castro Mariners A
JB Justin Backsmeyer Brewers D
JH James Houser Devil Rays A
JV Joey Votto Reds A
MM Matt Murton Red Sox D
NM Nick Markakis Orioles C
RH Ryan Harvey Cubs C
TJ Tyler Johnson Cardinals A
TL Todd Linden Giants A

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