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Genuine Insider was a baseball card set produced and distributed by Fleer in 2004.


The set was distributed in hobby and retail packs. Hobby packs came 5-cards per pack, 18 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. The set was released in June 2004.

Base Set[]

Cards numbered 1-90 feature veterans while cards numbered 91-100 and 121-130 feature rookies and cards 101-120 feature prospects. Cards numbered 91-120 were issued at a stated rate of one in 14 hobby and one in 72 retail. Cards numbered 91-100 were issued to a stated print run of 499 serial numbered sets while cards 101-120 were issued to a stated print run of 799 serial numbered sets. Cards numbered 121-130 are "mini-cards" and those cards were issued to a stated print run of 350 serial numbered sets and inserted into cards from 91-100.

Parallel Sets[]

The base set is fully paralleled by the Mini Masterpiece set that was inserted randomly into the Rookie Insider cards and each card is a 1/1. The set is partially paralleled by the Reflections set, a full sized set that was inserted 1:24 hobby and 1:200 retail packs and were serial numbered to 99 copies each. Cards 1-90 and 101-120 were paralleled with this set. Cards 91-100 were paralleled with the Mini 137 set which were randomly inserted into Rookie Insider cards and serial numbered to 137.

Insert Sets[]

Overall odds for Autograph and Game-Used cards was 1:9 hobby and 1:48 retail.



Autograph Cuts[]

Classic Confrontations[]

Tools of the Game[]

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