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Studio Stars is an insert set in 2004 Studio. The 50-card was inserted in 1:5 packs and shows the major stars of the MLB. The cards resemble driver's licenses. The set was paralleled by a Gold set, numbered to 100, and a Platinum set, numbered to 25 copies. The base set is not serial numbered.



Number Player Team
1 Albert Pujols Cardinals
2 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
3 Alfonso Soriano Rangers
4 Andy Pettitte Astros
5 Angel Berroa Royals
6 Aubrey Huff Devil Rays
7 Austin Kearns Reds
8 Barry Zito A's
9 Brian Giles Pirates
10 Carlos Delgado Marlins
11 Chipper Jones Braves
12 Craig Biggio Astros
13 Curt Schilling Red Sox
14 Derek Jeter Yankees
15 Edgar Martinez Mariners
16 Eric Gagne Dodgers
17 Frank Thomas White Sox
18 Hank Blalock Rangers
19 Hideki Matsui Yankees
20 Hideo Nomo Dodgers
21 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
22 Ivan Rodriguez Marlins
23 Jason Kendall Pirates
24 Jason Schmidt Giants
25 Jeff Bagwell Astros
26 Jim Edmonds Cardinals
27 Jim Thome Phillies
28 Josh Beckett Marlins
29 Kazuo Matsui Mets
30 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
31 Larry Walker Cardinals
32 Magglio Ordonez White Sox
33 Manny Ramirez Red Sox
34 Mark Mulder A's
35 Mark Prior Cubs
36 Mark Teixeira Rangers
37 Miguel Tejada A's
38 Mike Mussina Yankees
39 Mike Piazza Mets
40 Pedro Martinez Red Sox
41 Randy Johnson Yankees
42 Roger Clemens Astros
43 Roy Halladay Blue Jays
44 Russ Ortiz Giants
45 Sammy Sosa Cubs
46 Scott Podsednik Brewers
47 Tim Hudson A's
48 Todd Helton Rockies
49 Vernon Wells Blue Jays
50 Vladimir Guerrero Angels

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