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1 2 3 Strikes You're Out! Relics is a game used insert set in 2004 Topps Cracker Jack. The 18-card featured game used jersey and uniform swatches from different star major league pitchers. The cards were inserted in four different groups with varying insertion rates. Overall insertion rate was approximately 1:51 packs.  Each card carries an SO prefix.

The only notable single from this set is #DL, as Derek Lowe has very few game used cards ever produced.


Insertion Rates

  • GROUP A 1:5045 Hobby, 1:5310 Retail
  • GROUP B 1:103 Hobby, 1:109 Retail
  • GROUP C 1:177 Hobby, 1:202 Retail
  • GROUP D 1:157 Hobby, 1:191 Retail


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