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The 2005 Bowman Veteran Relics set was an insert set in 2005 Bowman. The cards were inserted at rates of 1:50 Hobby, 1:19 HTA Jumbo, and 1:114 Retail packs. None of the cards are more rare than any of the others. The set shares the same numbering as the base set, but different photography on some of the cards. A mixture of game used bat and jersey swatches were used for this set. Only position players are included in the set, not a single pitcher. Another note is that the cards do not carry any sort of certificate of authenticiy for the jersey swatches and bat chips.
At the time of the release Hank Blalock looked like the second coming of George Brett and virtually every card set had inserts of him. Melvin Mora was also enjoyed a career year in 2004. The only other player that seems not to fit in on this list is Eric Chavez, but in 2004 he looked like a superstar in waiting.


Price Report[]

  • June 2009
    • Vlad Bat $4 (did not sell)
    • Beltran Bat $6


Number Player Team GU
2 Eric Chavez A's Jersey
5 Hank Blalock Rangers Bat
23 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles Bat
43 Mark Teixeira Rangers Bat
49 Ivan Rodriguez Tigers Bat
50 Alex Rodriguez Yankees Bat
60 Gary Sheffield Yankees Bat
65 Magglio Ordonez Tiger Bat
78 David Ortiz Red Sox Bat
83 Adam Dunn Reds Jersey
90 Miguel Cabrera Marlins Bat
93 Andruw Jones Braves Bat
100 Barry Bonds Giants Jersey
104 Melvin Mora Orioles Jersey
105 Albert Pujols Cardinals Bat
115 Alfonso Soriano Rangers Bat
120 Vladimir Guerrero Angels Bat
125 Carlos Beltran Mets Bat
130 Manny Ramirez Red Sox Bat
135 Sammy Sosa Orioles Bat

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