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2005 Signs of Greatness was an insert set in 2005 Bowman Heritage. The cards were inserted at verying odds in three separate groups. The cards feature on card autographs rather than sitckers. The Jay Bruce, Jon Papelbon, Ryan Braun and Ryan Zimmerman are all highly valued cards. A parallel Red Ink version was also inserted in packs at a much lower rate and is serial numbered to 51 copies each.

Insertion Odds[]

  • Group A ODDS 1:153 H, 1:154 R
  • Group B ODDS 1:40 H, 1:40 R
  • Group C ODDS 1:74 H, 1:75 R
  • Red Ink ODDS 1:634 H, 1:635 R


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Number Player Group Team
AG Angel Guzman C Cubs
AM Andrew McCutchen B Pirates
BL Brent Lillibridge B Pirates
CT Curtis Thigpen A Blue Jays
DJ Dan Johnson A A's
DL Donny Lucey A D-Backs
DP David Purcey C Blue Jays
EM Eddy Martinez B Giants
HS Huston Street C A's
JB Jay Bruce B Reds
JH J.P. Howell C Royals
JJ Jason Jaramillo B Phillies
JM John Mayberry Jr. B Rangers
JP Jon Papelbon C Red Sox
JZ Jon Zeringue B D-Backs
MB Matt Bush A Padres
MG Matt Green B D-Backs
PB Patrick Bryant A Twins
PH Philip Humber B Mets
RB Ryan Braun B Brewers
RR Ricky Romero B Blue Jays
RZ Ryan Zimmerman B Nationals
SE Scott Elbert C Dodgers
TC Travis Chick B Reds
TD Thomas Diamond B Rangers
WW Wesley Whisler B White Sox
ZJ Zach Jackson A Blue Jays