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The Team Colors set is one of many insert sets in 2005 Donruss Classics. A 40-card insert set that featured players who were the faces of their franchises. The set included several retired players as well many current superstars. Each card was serial numbered to 800. The set was fully paralleled in Gold (serial numbered to 100) and Platinum (numbered 1/1). The set was partially paralleled by numerous game used and autographed sets.

It is also interesting to note that within two years 14 of the 37 active players in this set had changed teams.

Sales Reports[]

  • The Melvin Mora Team Colors Platinum 1/1 was sold for $18 on Ebay in April 2007.
  • The Albert Pujols Team Colors Platinum 1/1 was sold for $42 on Ebay in April 2007.

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Number Player Team
1 Adam Dunn Reds
2 Albert Pujols Cardinals
3 Andruw Jones Braves
4 Aramis Ramirez Cubs
5 Aubrey Huff Devil Rays
6 Bobby Abreu Phillies
7 Cal Ripken Orioles
8 Carlos Lee White Sox
9 Craig Biggio Astros
10 Derrek Lee Cubs
11 Garrett Anderson Angels
12 Gary Carter Expos
13 Geoff Jenkins Brewers
14 Greg Maddux Cubs
15 Hank Blalock Rangers
16 Hideki Matsui Yankees
17 Jake Peavy Padres
18 Jim Edmonds Cardinals
19 Jim Palmer Orioles
20 Jose Guillen Angels
21 Jose Vidro Expos
22 Juan Pierre Rockies
23 Lew Ford Twins
24 Lyle Overbay Brewers
25 Manny Ramirez Red Sox
26 Mark Loretta Padres
27 Mark Teixeira Rangers
28 Melvin Mora Orioles
29 Michael Young Rangers
30 Miguel Cabrera Marlins
31 Mike Lowell Marlins
32 Mike Mussina Yankees
33 Milton Bradley Dodgers
34 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks
35 Roger Clemens Astros
36 Sean Casey Reds
37 Shawn Green Dodgers
38 Steve Carlton Phillies
39 Todd Helton Rockies
40 Travis Hafner Indians