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Cooperstown Tribute is an insert set in 2005 Fleer Tradition. The 10-card set features Hall of Famers and each card is serial numbered to their induction year into Cooperstown. The stated odds were 1:72 hobby and "random" in retail packs. The set was fully paralleled by a Gold set that was not serial numbered and inserted into retail packs only at a rate of 1:24.

The set is also paralleled by a Jersey set and a Patch set, with the card numbering being replaced by the player's initials. All ten players are featured in the Jersey set with a typical print run of approximately 400 with two short prints at 20 copies each. The cards are not serial numbered and the print runs were reported by Fleer. In the Patch set, 8 of the 10 players are included and each card is serial numbered to ten.


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Number Player Team SN Jersey PR Patch PR
1 Mike Schmidt Phillies 1995 400 10
2 Al Kaline Tigers 1980 400 10
3 Yogi Berra Yankees 1972 SP / 20 Does Not Exist
4 Robin Yount Brewers 1999 400 10
5 Joe Morgan Reds 1990 SP / 20 Does Not Exist
6 Willie Stargell Pirates 1988 400 10
7 Harmon Killebrew Twins 1984 400 10
8 Nolan Ryan Rangers 1999 400 10
9 Carlton Fisk Red Sox 2000 400 10
10 Johnny Bench Reds 1989 400 10

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