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The Base Set of 2005 Playoff Prestige is a 200 card set featuring current veterans, prospects and retired players. Card fronts feature a full color photo along with the player's name, team, and position. Card backs feature the same picture of the player and statistics. It should be noted that due to the early printing of the set, there was not enough time to get new photographs in time for printing for players that switched teams in the offseason. Donruss made the decision to not airbrush old photographs, instead they used text to announce the team moves. For example - Randy Johnson is pictured as a Diamondback but his card states that he plays for the Yankees (who he did pitch for in 2005).

The first 150 cards feature veterans and current stars of the major leagues. Cards 151-185 feature prospects (1 rookie Justin Verlander). Cards 186-200 feature retired major leaguers including Nolan Ryan and Paul Molitor. Unlike previous years, there are no short prints in this set.



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