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Two game used sets partially parallel the Changing Stripes insert set. In 2005 Playoff Prestige game used cards were inserted at a rate of approximately 2 per box on average.

The base level changing stripes dual jersey cards feature a swatch of game used jersey worn by the featured player from both teams that are shown on the card. 21 of the 25 cards in the base insert set are included. Print runs range from 250 to as low as 12 Jeff Kent. The cards are serial numbered. Greg Maddux is the lone player that has a prime jersey dual card but not a base dual jersey card.

A second set also paralleled the base insert set, but instead of simple jersey swatches, it had imbedded prime or patch swatches. 22 of the 25 cards are included in the prime set. These cards had a much lower print run and are more valuable and more in demand. A checklist with print runs for base dual jersey and dual prime jersey is shown below.



Number Player Teams Dual PR Prime PR
CS-01 Ivan Rodriguez Marlins-Tigers 250 25
CS-02 Roger Clemens Yankees-Astros 50 25
CS-03 Curt Schilling D'backs-Red Sox 250 25
CS-04 Alex Rodriguez Rangers-Yankees NA NA
CS-05 Greg Maddux Braves-Cubs NA 25
CS-06 Juan Gonzalez Rangers-Royals 250 10
CS-07 Pedro Martinez Dodgers-Expos 100 10
CS-08 Roberto Alomar Indians-Mets 250 10
CS-09 Randy Johnson Expos-Mariners 100 10
CS-10 Ken Griffey Jr Mariners-Reds NA NA
CS-11 Carlos Beltran Royals-Astros 100 25
CS-12 Andy Pettitte Yankees-Astros 250 10
CS-13 Tom Glavine Braves-Mets 50 25
CS-14 Miguel Tejada A's-Orioles 250 10
CS-15 Alfonso Soriano Yanks-Rangers 100 10
CS-16 Shannon Stewart Jays-Twins 100 10
CS-17 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox-Cubs NA NA
CS-18 Jeff Kent Giants-Astros 12 10
CS-19 David Ortiz Twins-Red Sox 100 10
CS-20 Sean Casey Indians-Reds 50 10
CS-21 Rickey Henderson Mets-Mariners 250 25
CS-22 Carlton Fisk Red Sox-White Sox 250 25
CS-23 Phil Niekro Braves-Yankees 250 25
CS-24 Dale Murphy Braves-Phillies 250 25
CS-25 Reggie Jackson A's-Yankees 100 10