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2005 Fan Favorite Relics were a box topper insert in 2005 Topps All Time Fan Favorites. All of the cards were serial numbered. The cards were split up into four groups. Each were inserted with slightly varying odds: A 1:83 boxes, B 1:31 boxes, C 1:3 boxes, D 1:3 boxes.

The set was also paralled with a Rainbow version, each serial numbered to 25 copies and inserted 1:13 boxes.



Number Player Team GU Group / PR
AD Andre Dawson Cubs Bat D/350
BD Bucky Dent Yankees Bat C/200
BJ Bo Jackson Royals Bat C/200
BR Brooks Robinson Orioles Bat D/350
BS Bruce Sutter Cubs Jsy D/350
CF Cecil Fielder Tigers Bat C/200
CY Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox Bat A/50
DM Dale Murphy Braves Bat C/200
DS Darryl Strawberry Mets Bat D/350
ED Eric Davis Reds Bat C/200
GC Gary Carter Mets Bat D/350
JC Joe Carter Blue Jays Bat D/350
JCC Jose Canseco A’s Bat D/350
JR Jim Rice Red Sox Bat C/200
KH Keith Hernandez Mets Bat C/200
LD Lenny Dykstra Mets Bat C/200
MW Mookie Wilson Blue Jays Bat B/135
NR Nolan Ryan Astros Jsy B/135
PO Paul O'Neill Yankees Bat C/200
RC Rod Carew Angels Bat C/200
RJ Reggie Jackson Yankees Bat D/350
SM Stan Musial Cardinals Bat A/50
TG Tony Gwynn Padres Jsy C/200
VC Vince Coleman Cardinals Bat C/200
WB Wade Boggs Red Sox Bat C/200
WJ Wally Joyner Angels Bat C/200
WM Willie McGee Angels Bat D/350

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