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2005 Cracker Jack was a baseball card set produced by Topps. It was the second Retro set produced by Topps that was based on the classic Cracker Jack sets of early 20th century.


2005 Cracker Jack Box

Base Set[]

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The base set of 200 cards plus an additional 50 short prints make up the 250 card master set. Cards 196-218 feature prospect and rookies. Cards 219-229 feature players from the St. Louis Cardinals team that went to the World Series in 2004. Cards 230-240 feature players from the Boston Red Sox team that won the World Series in that year.

Short Prints[]

The 50 short prints are a mix of variations on base cards and regular short prints. Short Printed cards were inserted 1 per 3 packs:

NNO Josh Beckett
1 David Wright
3 Alex Rodriguez (Fielding)
4 Victor Martinez
6 Bobby Crosby
11 Aaron Rowand
13 Zack Greinke
21 Carl Crawford
26 Daniel Cabrera
30 Adrian Beltre
31 Chipper Jones
41 Matt Lawton
51 Eric Gagne
56 John Buck
60 Mark Prior (Portrait)
71 Cesar Izturis
75 Melky Cabrera (M.Cabrera #198 not a SP)
75 Gary Sheffield
84 Craig Wilson
85 Johan Santana (Portrait)
106 Khalil Greene
110 Miguel Tejada
111 Johnny Estrada
112 Ronnie Belliard
126 Mark Buehrle
135 Michael Young
135 Ian Kinsler
146 Ryan Drese
151 Paul Konerko
156 Chase Utley
164 Landon Powell (L.Powell #207 is not a SP)
166 Mark Loretta
176 Casey Kotchman
181 Nick Swisher
186 Chris Burke
191 Joey Gathright
196 Angel Guzman
201 Ian Kinsler
206 James Jurries
211 Chris Denorfia
216 Steve Doetsch
221 Edgar Renteria (Red Sox)
221 Edgar Renteria (Cardinals)
225 Scott Rolen
226 Larry Walker
228 Mike Matheny (Cardinals)
231 Johnny Damon
235 David Ortiz
236 Pedro Martinez (Mets)
236 Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)

Parallel Sets[]

As with the previous year's set, several different mini parallels were seeded into packs at an overall rate of 1 per pack. The Red mini cards were the base parallels and were seeded 1 per pack while short prints were inserted at 1:20 hobby and retail. The short prints are the same as the base set. The mini stickers were also seeded 1 per pack with the short prints inserted at a rate of 1:20 hobby and retail. The short prints are the same as the base set. The Blue minis were inserted 1:75 hobby and retail packs and were serial numbered out of 50. There are no short prints in this set. The Grey minis were inserted 1:151 hobby and 1:150 retail packs and were serial numbered out of 25. There are no short prints in this set. The White mini parallels were numbered 1/1 and were seeded 1:3763 hobby and 1:3813 retail packs.

Insert Sets[]

Along with the mini parallels two different relic sets and two different autograph sets were also inserted. Overall rate of GU/AU cards was about 2 per hobby and secret surprise boxes.

1 2 3 Strikes You're Out! Relics[]

A six card set inserted into packs at an overall rate of 1:204 retail or hobby packs. The cards feature major league pitchers, but 4 of the 6 players are not stars.


An 11 card set featuring on card autographs of some baseball's hottest players. The cards are in two groups, an A group serial numbered to 25 and a B group serial numbered to 50.

Secret Surprise Mini Autographs[]

A 21 card set that was split into six different groups. Only 100 copies of each Group A card were produced (according to Topps), but the cards are not serial numbered.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Relics[]

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame Checklist and Gallery

The main game used insert set of the 2005 Cracker Jack set was the Take Me Out to the Ball Game Relics. An 84 card set featuring bat, uniform and jersey peices of major league players were inserted at an overall rate of 1:16 hobby and retail packs.

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