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Secret Surprise Mini Autographs is an insert set in 2005 Topps Cracker Jack. Each card features an on-card autograph. All of the cards in Group A were printed to 100 copies according to Topps but they are not serial numbered.

Insertion Odds[]

  • A 1:2328 hobby
  • B 1:517 hobby
  • C 1:1864 hobby
  • D 1:163 hobby
  • E 1:930 hobby
  • F 1:155 hobby


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Number Player Team Group
AG Angel Guzman Cubs F
AR Alex Rodriguez Yankees A
CC Carl Crawford Devil Rays D
CN Chris Nelson Rockies F
CS CC Sabathia Indians D
CT Curtis Thigpen Blue Jays B
CW Craig Wilson Pirates D
DM Dallas McPherson Angels A
DW David Wright Mets D
EC Eric Chavez A's B
EG Eric Gagne Dodgers D
GA Garret Anderson Angels D
HB Hank Blalock Rangers B
JS Johan Santana Twins D
KM Kevin Millar Red Sox F
MK Mark Kotsay A's A
ML Mark Loretta Brewers A
MM Melvin Mora Orioles E
RR Richie Robnett A's F
SK Scott Kazmir Devil Rays C

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