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The Update Set to 2005 Topps was released in November 2005 in hobby and retail packs.

Base Set[]

Parallel Sets[]

Insert Sets[]

All-Star Stitches[]

2005 Topps Update AS Stitch AP

For the first time, jersey relics from the annual Mid-Summer Classic were included in the Topps Update set in the same calendar year. 2004 Topps was the first set to include All-Star jersey cards, but they were from the 2003 game. 2005 Topps also included an All-Star Stitches set but the players were from the 2004 game. This would become an annual tradition in Topps Update sets for years to come.

All-Star Patches[]

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Paralleling the All-Star Stitches set, this set has prime jersey pieces.

Box Bottoms[]

Derby Digs Jersey Relics[]

To celebrate the Homerun Derby during the 2005 All-Star Break, Topps included a jersey relic set from the competition.

Hall of Fame Bat Relics[]

Three relic cards were inserted to celebrate Ryne Sandberg and Wade Boggs entering the Hall of Fame in 2005.

Legendary Sacks Relics[]

This set commemorates the celebrity softball game that featured some ex-major league stars and Hall of Fame players.

Midsummer Covers Ball Relics[]

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Signature Moves[]

Touch Em All Base Relics[]

Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup[]

In 2005, the Montreal Expos moved to Washington, DC and became the Washington Nationals. The starting lineup were included in this insert set.

Washington Nationals Inaugural Lineup Ball Relics[]

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Paralleling the standard Washington Nationals insert set, this might be the most rare non-1/1 set released in 2005. Each card is serial numbered to 5 and are inserted at a rate of 1:49,104 hobby and 1:14,715 HTA packs.

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