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2005 Ultra is a baseball card set manufactured and distributed by Fleer. This was the last Ultra set that Fleer produced before being purchased by Upper Deck.


Fleer distributed 2005 Ultra in both retail and hobby packs. Both packs were released in 24 pack boxes with eight cards per pack. Hobby boxes had two GU/AU cards on average while retail had overall GU/AU insert odds of 1:48 packs (or 1:2 boxes). Release was actually in November 2004.

Base Set[]

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Parallel Sets[]

The 220 card set was paralleled by a Gold Medallion set and a Platinum Medallion set. The Gold Medallion cards were inserted 1 per hobby pack and 1:3 retail packs but were not serial numbered. The Platinum Medallion cards were serial numbered to 50 and in hobby packs, inserted at random. Note: the 20-card, shortprinted All-Rookie subset are included but are not shortprinted compared to the base cards.

Insert Sets[]

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Season Crowns Autographs[]

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Season Crowns Game Used[]

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3 Kings Jersey[]

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