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Ink is an insert set in 2005 Upper Deck ESPN. This 27-card set features signatures from rising stars, veterans, and ESPN personalities. Two of the cards are short printed in much lower amounts according to Upper Deck. Autographs were inserted at an overall rate of 1:480 packs.


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Number Player Team SP
AB Adrian Beltre Dodgers
AL Al Leiter Mets
AR Alex Rios Blue Jays
BS Ben Sheets Brewers
BU BJ Upton Devil Rays
CB Chris Berman ESPN
CK Casey Kotchman Angels
DJ David Justice ESPN
DP Dan Patrick ESPN
DW David Wright Mets
JE Derek Jeter Yankees
JM Joe Morgan ESPN
JO John Olerud Mets
JP Jake Peavy Padres
JV Jose Vidro Expos
JW Jayson Werth Dodgers
KE Jason Kendall Pirates
KG Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
KM Kenny Mayne ESPN
LC Linda Cohn ESPN
MC Miguel Cabrera Marlins
MV Mo Vaughn ESPN
NG Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox SP
PG Peter Gammons ESPN SP
PL Paul LoDuca Dodgers
RH Rich Harden A's
SS Stuart Scott ESPN

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