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2006 Bowman Heritage is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Topps. The set was based on the 1949 Bowman set.


Master Set[]

Base Set[]

Short Prints[]

Parallel Sets[]

Insert Sets[]


A 100-card prospect set inserted into packs similarly to the 2006 Bowman set. 2 Prospect cards came in each pack. The Prospects cards were paralleled in Black, White and with four Printing Plates all inserted into packs.

Pieces of Greatness[]

2006 Bowman Her POG AD

This 50 card game used set was inserted at an overall rate of two per box in four different groups each with slightly varying odds. It was also paralleled in with a Black parallel set (num'd 1/1) and a White parallel set (num'd /49). The set had numerous quality control problems leading to many incorrect game used pieces being placed in the cards.

Signs of Greatness[]

2006 Bowman Her SOG WT

This 22 card set features hand signed cards of some of the best prospects in baseball. The cards were inserted at a rate of approximately 1 per hobby box. The set was paralled with a Red Ink version (/5) and a Silver Ink version (1/1).

Other Information[]

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