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Prospects is an insert set in 2006 Bowman Heritage. Two prospects cards were inserted into each pack, as a substitute for the minor league rookie cards that had been allowed in previous years. This 100-card set features some of the top prospects in the game. The set was also paralleled in White (slightly lighter backgrounds) inserted 1 per 6 packs, Black (1/1's) inserted 1:6008 packs hobby only, and 4 Printing Plates (each 1/1) inserted 1:1484 hobby only.

The key cards in this set include Evan Longoria, Justin Upton, Alex Gordon, Cameron Maybin, Chris Marrero, Chris Parmelee, and Clayton Kershaw.


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Number Player Team
1 Justin Upton D-Backs
2 Koby Clemens Astros
3 Lance Broadway White Sox
4 Cameron Maybin Tigers
5 Garrett Mock Nationals
6 Alex Gordon Royals
7 Ben Copeland Giants
8 Nick Adenhart Angels
9 Yung-Chi Chen Mariners
10 Tim Moss Phillies
11 Francisco Leandro Devil Rays
12 Brad McCann Marlins
13 Dallas Trahern Tigers
14 Dustin Majewski Blue Jays
15 James Barthmaier Astros
16 Nate Gold Rangers
17 John Hardy Phillies
18 Mark McLemore Astros
19 Michael Aubrey Indians
20 Mark Holliman Cubs
21 Bobby Wilson Angels
22 Radhames Liz Orioles
23 Jose Tabata Yankees
24 Jared Lansford A's
25 Brent Dlugach Tigers
26 Steve Garrabrants D-Backs
27 Eric Haberer Cardinals
28 Chris Dickerson Reds
29 Welinson Baez Phillies
30 Chris Kolkhorst Padres
31 Brandon Moss Red Sox
32 Corey Wimberly Rockies
33 Ryan Patterson Blue Jays
34 Michael Hollimon Tigers
35 John Bannister Rangers
36 Pablo Sandoval Giants
37 Dexter Fowler Rockies
38 Elvis Andrus Braves
39 Jason Windsor A's
40 B.J. Szymanski Reds
41 Yovani Gallardo Brewers
42 John Bowker Giants
43 Justin Christian Yankees
44 Andy Sonnanstine Devil Rays
45 Jeremy Slayden Phillies
46 Brandon Jones Braves
47 Travis Denker Dodgers
48 Emmanuel Garcia Mets
49 Landon Jacobsen Pirates
50 Kevin Estrada Cardinals
51 Ross Ohlendorf D-Backs
52 Wyatt Toregas Indians
53 Andrew Kown Tigers
54 Steve Kelly Reds
55 Mike Butia Indians
56 Mike Connolly Pirates
57 Brian Horwitz Giants
58 Dale Thayer Padres
59 Diory Hernandez Braves
60 Samuel Deduno Rockies
61 Jamie Hoffman Dodgers
62 Matt Tolbert Twins
63 Michael Ekstrom Padres
64 Chris Maples Tigers
65 Adam Coe Braves
66 Max Ramirez Indians
67 Evan MacLane Mets
68 Jose Campusano Marlins
69 Lou Santangelo Astros
70 Shawn Riggans Devil Rays
71 Kyle Kendrick Phillies
72 Oswaldo Navarro Mariners
73 Eric Rodland Tigers
74 Omir Santos Yankees
75 Kyle McCulloch White Sox
76 Evan Longoria Devil Rays
77 Adrian Cardenas Phillies
78 Steven Wright Indians
79 Andrew Carpenter Phillies
80 Dustin Evans Braves
81 Chad Tracy Rangers
82 Matthew Sulentic A's
83 Adam Ottavino Cardinals
84 Matt Long White Sox
85 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
86 Matt Antonelli Padres
87 Chris Parmelee Twins
88 Billy Rowell Orioles
89 Chase Fontaine Braves
90 Chris Marrero Nationals
91 Jamie Ortiz Dodgers
92 Sean Watson Reds
93 Brooks Brown D-Backs
94 Brad Furnish Cardinals
95 Chad Huffman Padres
96 Pedro Beato Orioles
97 Kyler Burke Padres
98 Stephen Englund Nationals
99 Tyler Norrick Cardinals
100 Brett Sinkbeil Marlins

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