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Signs of Greatness is an insert set in 2006 Bowman Heritage. This 22 card set features hand signed cards of some of the best prospects in baseball. The cards were inserted at a rate of approximately 1 per hobby box. The set was paralled with a Red Ink version (/5) and a Silver Ink version (1/1). Several cards were inserted as redemption cards that could be exchanged until 12/31/08.

Insertion Odds[]

  • GROUP A ODDS 1:719 H, 1:719 R
  • GROUP B ODDS 1:42 H, 1:42 R
  • GROUP C ODDS 1:61 H, 1:63 R
  • GROUP D ODDS 1:2172 H, 1:2175 R
  • RED INK ODDS 1:9737 HOBBY Only
  • SILVER INK ODDS 28,238 H,1:9500 R



Number Player Team Group EXCH
AG Alex Gordon Royals B
BB Brian Bogusevic Astros B
BS Brandon Snyder Orioles B
BW Brandon Wood Angels A
CI Craig Italiano A's B
CM Cameron Maybin Tigers B
JC Jesus Cota D-Backs B
JCL Jeff Clement Mariners B EXCH
JD John Drennen Indians B EXCH
JH Justin Huber Royals C EXCH
JS Jarrod Saltalamacchia Braves C
JU Justin Upton D-Backs D
KC Koby Clemens Astros C EXCH
KW Kevin Whelan Tigers B
LB Lance Broadway White Sox B
MM Matt Maloney Phillies B
RT Ryan Tucker Marlins C
SG Sean Gallagher Cubs B
SL Sam LeCure Reds C
ST Steve Tolleson Twins B
TC Trevor Crowe Indians B EXCH
WT Wade Townsend Devil Rays C

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