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2006 Topps Allen and Ginter is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Topps as part of its ongoing retro-themed set releases. Considered by many to possibly be the best baseball product of 2006. These cards were simply gobbled up by collectors, prices soared above Topps' suggested retail price and the hits just kept coming. A strong lineup of major league players, superstar athletes from other sports (including Jennie Finch and Danica Patrick) set the tone for the set. The autographs, parallels and GU inserts were all outstanding. But the real prize were the Rip cards. Cards that contained another card inside the main card and seeded 1 per case. Inside the rip cards would be either an autographed mini, a special limited mini, a unique Dick Perez sketch or an original 1887 Allen and Ginter N28 card. Won Beckett's Product of the Year in 2006. Did Topps finally perfect the retro/vintage card set?


24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack. In Hobby Stores: 07/26/2006

Look for (2) Framed Autographs, Relics, Printing Plates, and/or Allen & Ginter Original cards per box on average!! Each case will include an Exclusive Rip Card which may contain a repurchased Allen & Ginter card!! Find (1) Hobby Exclusive Box Loader in every box, including Allen & Ginter, N43's, N43 Relics, N43 Autographs, Postcards, and personalized Autographed Postcards!!

Like the Original Set, 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball also features the biggest names from outside of Baseball, including Boxing Champion MikeTyson and Indy Car Driver DanicaPatrick – both with Autographs also included! – as well as Historical Figures from the late 1800s and all kinds of names you wouldn’t expect to find.

Base Set[]

Key Rookies: Nick Markakis, Conor Jackson, Justin Verlander, Jeremy Hermida, Prince Fielder, Jonathan Papelbon, Kenji Johjima, Ian Kinsler, Brian Anderson, John Koronka, Francisco Liriano, and Ryan Zimmerman.


  • Base Minis - Base 15 per box, SP 1:13
  • Allen and Ginter Backs - Base 1:5, SP 1:65
  • Black Border - Base 1:10, SP 1:130
  • No Number on Back - 50 (not serial numbered) 1:60 Hobby, 1:168 Retail - no SP's
  • Bazooka Backs - 25 serial numbered 1:125 hobby, 1:266 Retail
  • Mini Wood - 1 serial numbered 1:3100 Hobby, 1:6800 Retail
  • Printing Plates - 4 for each card

Box Toppers[]

Each Hobby box contained one box topper. Each box would contain either a postcard box topper or a N43 box topper.


Rip Cards[]

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