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Then and Now is an insert set in 2006 Topps Heritage. The ten card set was inserted a rate of 1:15 packs. Each card features two different players from the modern era and a player from the 1957 season. On the front of the card the players’ names are displayed below a portrait of each player on a brown background. The players were selected based on leading the NL or AL in statistical categories (example Clem Labine and Chad Cordero were paired up for leading the league in NL saves in 1957 and 2005 respectively). The backs of the cards feature a list of league leaders for 2005 and 1957. It should be noted that Derrek Lee is featured on three of the ten cards after his exceptional 2005 season.


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Number Player 1 Player 2
TN01 Mickey Mantle Alex Rodriguez
TN02 Ted Williams Michael Young
TN03 Mickey Mantle Jason Giambi
TN04 Lou Aparicio Chone Figgins
TN05 Ted Williams Alex Rodriguez
TN06 Stan Musial Derrek Lee
TN07 Stan Musial Derrek Lee
TN08 Red Schoendienst Derrek Lee
TN09 Johnny Podres Roger Clemens
TN10 Clem Labine Chad Cordero

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