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Signature Moves is an insert set in 2006 Topps Update. The six card set features marquee players who had changed teams in the offseason prior to the release of the update set. Each card is autographed with a sticker autograph. The cards were inserted at varying rates by card but are all extremely rare.

Reported Sales[]

Reported in December 2006 issue of Beckett Baseball Monthly.

  • Julio Lugo - $15
  • Brandon Phillips - $15, $20


  • AH Aubrey Huff (1:17,500 hobby, 1:6,624 HTA and 1:22,000 Retail)
  • BP Brandon Phillips (1:9,800 hobby, 1:2,600 HTA and 1:10,500 Retail)
  • BW Brad Wilkerson (1:17,500 hobby, 1:6,624 HTA and 1:22,000 Retail)
  • CW Craig Wilson (1:100,000 hobby, 1:30,000 HTA and 1:57,000 Retail)
  • JD Johnny Damon (1:300,000 hobby, 1:53,000 HTA and 1:57,000 Retail)
  • JL Julio Lugo (1:17,500 hobby, 1:6,624 HTA and 1:22,000 Retail)


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