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2007 Bowman is a baseball card set produced by Topps. It was originally released in April 2007.


The cards were distributed in Hobby, Retail and HTA Jumbo packs. The Hobby packs were issued at 10 per pack, 24 packs per box. The Hobby boxes included 1 autographed card per box. The HTA jumbo boxes were issued with 32 cards per pack and 12 packs per box. 3 Autographed card were included (on average) in each box. The HTA packs also included signifcantly better odds for Press Plate and Red 1/1's than the other types of packs.

Base Set[]

The base set of 2007 Bowman consisted of 221 cards plus an additional 16 autographed rookie cards.

Key Cards[]


Parallel Sets[]

Several different parallel sets were inserted into packs at various odds.

Insert Sets[]


The 135 Prospects set had a much weaker group of players in 2007 than it had in 2006. The base group is 110 cards plus an additional 25 autographed Prospect cards.

Prospect Parallels[]

Several different parallels of the Prospects set were inserted into packs at various odds.

Chrome Prospects[]

Chrome Prospect Parallels[]

Signs of the Future[]

Other Information[]

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