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The 2007 Prospects set was one of the three main insert sets in 2007 Bowman. The cards feature players who Topps' team of scouts considered notable but were not yet major league players. Many of the players included are questionable at best. Players like Vincent Blue (who would be out of baseball before 2008) and several other players were included while more viable prospects were held back for the Chrome set that would be released later that year.

Cards 1-110 were inserted 2 per pack. Cards 111-135 were autographed (on-card) and were inserted 1:64 Hobby and 1:16 HTA jumbo packs. The 4 press plates for each card were also inserted into packs at a rate of approximately 1:1468 hobby and 1:212 HTA jumbo packs. The Evan Longoria card is fairly notable and in high demand on the secondary market.



Number Player Team Type
BP001 Cooper Brannon Padres XRC
BP002 Jason Taylor Royals XRC
BP003 Shawn O'Malley Devil Rays XRC
BP004 Robert Alcombrack Indians XRC
BP005 Dellin Betances Yankees XRC
BP006 Jeremy Papelbon Cubs XRC
BP007 Adam Carr Nationals XRC
BP008 Matthew Clarkson Pirates XRC
BP009 Darin McDonald Phillies XRC
BP010 Brandon Rice Reds
BP011 Matthew Sweeney Angels XRC
BP012 Scott Deal A's XRC
BP013 Brennan Boesch Padres XRC
BP014 Scott Taylor Cubs XRC
BP015 Michael Brantley Brewers XRC
BP016 Yahmed Yema Red Sox XRC
BP017 Brandon Morrow Mariners XRC
BP018 Cole Garner Rockies XRC
BP019 Erik Lis Twins XRC
BP020 Lucas French Tigers
BP021 Aaron Cunningham White Sox XRC
BP022 Ryan Schreppel Diamondbacks XRC
BP023 Kevin Russo Yankees XRC
BP024 Yohan Pino Twins XRC
BP025 Michael Sullivan Tigers XRC
BP026 Trey Shields A's XRC
BP027 Daniel Matienzo Twins XRC
BP028 Chuck Lofgren Indians XRC
BP029 Gerrit Simpson Brewers XRC
BP030 David Haehnel Orioles XRC
BP031 Marvin Lowrance Nationals XRC
BP032 Kevin Ardoin Tigers XRC
BP033 Edwin Maysonet Astros XRC
BP034 Derek Griffith Phillies XRC
BP035 Sam Fuld Cubs XRC
BP036 Chase Wright Yankees XRC
BP037 Brandon Roberts Twins
BP038 Kyle Aselton Twins XRC
BP039 Steven Sollmann Brewers XRC
BP040 Mike Devaney Mets XRC
BP041 Charlie Fermaint Brewers XRC
BP042 Jesse Litsch Blue Jays
BP043 Bryan Hansen Phillies XRC
BP044 Ramon Garcia Tigers XRC
BP045 John Otness Red Sox XRC
BP046 Trey Hearne Cardinals XRC
BP047 Habelito Hernandez Reds XRC
BP048 Edgar Garcia Phillies XRC
BP049 Seth Fortenberry Yankees XRC
BP050 Reid Brignac Devil Rays
BP051 Derek Rodriguez White Sox XRC
BP052 Ervin Alcantara Astros XRC
BP053 Thomas Hottovy Red Sox XRC
BP054 Jesus Flores Nationals XRC
BP055 Matt Palmer Giants XRC
BP056 Brian Henderson Devil Rays XRC
BP057 John Gragg Royals XRC
BP058 Jay Garthwaite Reds XRC
BP059 Esmerling Vasquez Diamondbacks XRC
BP060 Gilberto Mejia Tigers XRC
BP061 Aaron Jensen Mariners XRC
BP062 Cedric Brooks Rockies XRC
BP063 Brandon Mann Devil Rays XRC
BP064 Myron Leslie A's XRC
BP065 Ray Aguilar Braves XRC
BP066 Jesus Guzman Mariners XRC
BP067 Sean Thompson Padres
BP068 Jarrett Hoffpauir Cardinals
BP069 Matt Goodson Red Sox XRC
BP070 Neal Musser Royals XRC
BP071 Tony Abreu Dodgers XRC
BP072 Tony Peguero Devil Rays XRC
BP073 Michael Bertram Tigers XRC
BP074 Randy Wells Cubs XRC
BP075 Bradley Davis Marlins XRC
BP076 Jay Sawatski Twins XRC
BP077 Vic Buttler Pirates XRC
BP078 Jose Oyervidez Padres XRC
BP079 Doug Deeds Twins XRC
BP080 Dan Dement Nationals XRC
BP081 Spike Lundberg Dodgers XRC
BP082 Ricardo Nanita White Sox XRC
BP083 Brad Knox A's XRC
BP084 Will Venable Padres
BP085 Greg Smith Diamondbacks XRC
BP086 Pedro Powell Pirates XRC
BP087 Gabriel Medina Yankees XRC
BP088 Duke Sardinha Rockies XRC
BP089 Mike Madsen A's XRC
BP090 Rayner Bautista Orioles XRC
BP091 T.J. Nall Dodgers XRC
BP092 Neil Sellers Astros XRC
BP093 Andrew Dobies Red Sox XRC
BP094 Leo Daigle Orioles XRC
BP095 Brian Duensing Twins XRC
BP096 Vincent Blue Tigers XRC
BP097 Fernando Rodriguez Angels XRC
BP098 Derin McMains Giants XRC
BP099 Adam Bass Diamondbacks XRC
BP100 Justin Ruggiano Dodgers XRC
BP101 Jared Burton A's XRC
BP102 Mike Parisi Cardinals XRC
BP103 Aaron Peel Angels XRC
BP104 Evan Englebrook Astros XRC
BP105 Sendy Vasquez Tigers XRC
BP106 Desmond Jennings Devil Rays XRC
BP107 Clay Harris Phillies XRC
BP108 Cody Strait Reds XRC
BP109 Ryan Mullins Twins XRC
BP110 Ryan Webb A's AU
BP111 Kyle Drabek Phillies AU
BP112 Evan Longoria Devil Rays AU
BP113 Tyler Colvin Cubs AU
BP114 Matt Long White Sox AU
BP115 Jeremy Jeffress Brewers AU
BP116 Kasy Kiker Rangers AU
BP117 Hank Conger Angels AU
BP118 Cody Johnson Braves AU
BP119 David Huff Indians AU
BP120 Tommy Hickman Marlins AU
BP121 Chris Parmelee Twins AU
BP122 Dustin Evans Braves AU
BP123 Brett Sinkbeil Marlins AU
BP124 Andrew Carpenter Phillies AU
BP125 Colten Willems Nationals AU
BP126 Matt Antonelli Padres AU
BP127 Marcus Sanders Giants AU
BP128 Joshua Rodriguez Indians AU
BP129 Keith Weiser Rockies XRC AU
BP130 Chad Tracy Rangers XRC AU
BP131 Matthew Sulentic A's AU
BP132 Adam Ottavino Cardinals AU
BP133 Jarrod Saltalamacchia Braves AU
BP134 Kyle Blanks Padres AU
BP135 Brad Eldred Pirates AU