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2007 Bowman Sterling was produced and distributed by Topps and was released very late in 2007.


The set was distributed at Hobby shops in in five-card mini-boxes (packs), which came six mini-boxes per display box, four display boxes per carton and two cartons per case.

Base Set

2007 Bowman Sterling MM.jpg

The 117 card base set is comprised of veteran stars with game used swatches and a mixture of autographed and non-autographed rookie cards.

The most chased cards are the Mickey Mantle, Joba Chamberlain autograph and Tim Lincecum autographed rookie card.

Parallel Sets

The base set is paralleled by a series of Refractor cards. Standard Refractors are serial numbered to 199 copies each. Black Refractors are serial numbered to 25 copies each. Red Refractors are serial numbered 1/1's.

The four printing plates: Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan for each base card were also inserted into packs.

Insert Sets


Dual Autographs