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Master Set[]

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Parallel Sets[]

Insert Sets[]

Clubhouse Collection[]

2007 Topps Her CC JSA

This game used 66-card set feature current and past stars and game used swatches of jerseys, pants and bat chips. The cards were split into 4 groups, each with slightly different insertion odds but an overall rate of 1:46 hobby and retail packs.

The set was partially paralleled by an Autographed set, 6 total cards, serial numbered to 25 copies and inserted at a rate of 1:16,100 hobby and 1:16,275 retail.

Three Dual Relic cards were also inserted into packs at a rate of 1:13,900 hobby and 1:14,000 retail. Each was serial numbered to 58 copies and features 1 modern player and 1 Hall of Fame player.


2007 Topps Her FB10

This ten card sets features highlights from the 1958 baseball season. It is paralleled by a seat relic set, an autographed set and an autographed relic set.

Grandstand Glory[]

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New Age Performers[]

Real One Autographs[]

2007 Topp Her Real One TT

The Real One Autographs set in 2007 featured 37-players (31 retired and 6 active). The cards were inserted 1:327 hobby and 1:328 retail. The lone player issued as an exchange was Chuck Harmon.

The Real One Autographs set was paralled with a Red Ink version that was serial numbered to 58 copies each and inserted 1:1129 both hobby and retail packs.

Then and Now[]

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