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Real One Autographs is an insert set in 2007 Topps Heritage. The set in 2007 featured 37-players (31 retired and 6 active). The cards were inserted 1:327 hobby and 1:328 retail. The lone player issued as an exchange was Chuck Harmon.

The Real One Autographs set was paralled with a Red Ink version that was serial numbered to 58 copies each and inserted 1:1129 both hobby and retail packs.

The following cards are all notable as the only autographed issue card of that particular player: Bob Henrich, Buddy Pritchard, Bill Taylor, Bill Weight, Chuck Harmon, Charley Rabe, Dave Melton, Ed Maye,r Harding Peterson, Joe Caffie, Joe Durham, Joe Lonnett, Lloyd Merritt, Lou Sleater, Milt Bolling, Mack Burk, Paul Smith, Ray Crone, Stan Palys, Tim Thompson, and Jim Derrington.



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