2007 UD Masterpieces is a 90-card set released by Upper Deck on October 30, 2007. One of the most well-received products of the season, each base card features an original painting and is printed on a canvas-like cardstock. Each 18-pack Hobby box is expected to yield: Seven framed parallels (at least two being serial-numbered to 99 copies or less), three game-used memorabilia cards, and one on-card autograph. Each box also comes with a 5" X 7" framed box topper.


  • 18 packs per box, 4 cards per pack.

Base SetEdit

Parallel SetsEdit

There are numerous parallels included, the more common ones were not serial numbered while the more rare ones were.

Insert SetsEdit

Box TopperEdit

Box Topper Signed Edit

Captured on CanvasEdit

Stroke of Genius SignaturesEdit

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