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2008 was the third year of the two companies license era.

Major Releases[]


Topps held mostly to its strengths, releasing almost the same line of products as the previous year, losing the Turkey Red retro set while bringing back Stadium Club after it had been on hiatus for serveral years.

Upper Deck[]

Upper Deck stepped a little outside of their usual offering. The mainstays like Legendary Cuts and SPx were released but they also experimented with a return of the Ballpark Heroes set and the somewhat poorly received 2008 X and Ball Park Collection sets.

Other Companies[]

Meanwhile Razor began producing baseball cards, specifically targeting Prospectors with a middle end Draft Picks set. The companies aggressively signed many high draft picks to exclusive contracts, challenging Topps' domination of the Prospecting collectors.

Also, Donruss produced cards again in 2008. The 2008 Threads set saw the return of Shoeless Joe Jackson to the collecting world. Donruss used a mix of prospects and Hall of Fame players as the foundation of the set.

Minor League Releases[]

TRISTAR Cards produced two sets in 2008, featuring minor leaguers and prospects.

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