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The 2008 Bowman Set was distributed in 3 different types of packs, Hobby, Retail and HTA jumbo. The Hobby packs were issued 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. Each contained 1 autographed card. The HTA Jumbo packs were issued 32 cards per pack, 12 packs per box and 8 boxes per case. Each HTa box contained 3 autographed cards.

Base Set

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Key Cards

Parallel Sets

The base cards were paralleled with four different parallel sets. The Gold paralleled were inserted 1 per pack and are not serial numbered. The Blue parallels were inserted 1:14 Hobby and 1:32 Retail and are serial numbered to 500 copies. The Orange parallels were inserted 1:26 Hobby and 1:65 Retail and are serial numbered to 250. Finally the Red parallel was a Hobby pack exclusive and inserted at an overall rate of 1:4512 Hobby packs, each is a serial numbered 1/1.

Additionally the four printing press plates for each card numbered 1-220 were also inserted into packs.

Insert Sets

As with previous years, the insert sets consisted primarily of the Prospects and Chrome Prospect inserts with two autographed sets also included.


The prospect pool was once again fairly devoid of the high end prospects that collectors desired in Bowman, Topps continued to load the Draft Picks set with the high end non-autographed prospects. Unlike the previous years, no Prospect cards are autographed, only the Chrome Prospect cards are autographed. 2 Prospect cards were included in each Retail and Hobby pack, 8 were included in each HTA Jumbo pack.

Prospect Parallels

The Prospect cards were paralled by Gold, Blue, Orange and Red sets. They serial numbered identically to the base set parallels.

Chrome Prospects

2008 Bowman Baseball Prospect Chrome 113.jpg

Much to the chagrin of collectors, many prospects that did not have an autographed card in the 2007 Draft set were included in this set as an autographed card. It left many collectors wondering which cards would make the better investment, the first autographed Bowman Chrome card or the first Bowman card? Especially with the RC Logo rules confusing the issue further. Many collectors chose to invest heavily in 2007 Donruss EEE which had a superior autograph list, while releasing a full year earlier than the 2008 Chrome Prospects set. The first 110 Chrome Prospect cards parallel the regular Prospects set, while the last 25 are autographed.

Chrome Prospect Parallels

The Chrome Prospect cards were parallel in several different color refractor sets. Refractors, X-Fractors, Blue Refractors, Gold Refractors, Orange Refractors, Red Refractros and Super-Fractors (listed in order of increasing scarcity) were inserted and serial numbered.

Scouts Autographs

Signs of the Future

2008 Bowman Baseball SOFT CR Rasmus.jpg

The SOTF cards were inserted into retail packs at an overall rate of approximately 1:24 retails packs and as a box topper in HTA Jumbo boxes. The cards were not inserted in regular hobby packs according to Topps. Officially the cards were released in an A and B groups, but Topps has not released which cards fell into which group. Jose Mijares did not return his stickers in time and thus was packed out as an exchange card that could be redeemed until 5/31/2010.

Other Information

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