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2008 Signs of the Future was an insert set in 2008 Bowman. The cards were inserted into retail packs at an overall rate of approximately 1:24 retails packs and as a box topper in HTA Jumbo boxes. The cards were not inserted in regular hobby packs according to Topps. Officially the cards were released in an A and B groups, but Topps has not released which cards fell into which group. Jose Mijares did not return his stickers in time and thus was packed out as an exchange card that could be redeemed until 5/31/2010.



The checklist for this particular Signs of the Future is one of the weakest. While many of the players in the set did end up playing some ball at the MLB level, none of them turned out to be stars. Several teams did not have any representation in the set, including the Yankees.

Number Player Team Group
AC Adam Carr Nationals -
BK Brad Knox A's -
BO Brian Omogrosso White Sox -
BW Brian Wilson Giants -
CN Chris Nowak Rays -
CR Colby Rasmus Cardinals -
CT Clayton Tanner Giants -
CTI Chris Tillman Mariners -
DS David Shafer A's -
EJ Elliot Johnson Rays -
GM Garrett Mock Nationals -
GP Gerardo Parra D-Backs -
GS Greg Smith D-Backs -
JE Jack Egbert White Sox -
JG Jaime Garcia Cardinals -
JH Joel Hanrahan Nationals -
JHI Jamar Hill Mets -
JHU Jon Huber Mariners -
JJ Jason Jaramillo Phillies -
JK Josh Kroeger Cubs -
JL Jeff Locke Braves -
JM Jose Mijares Twins -
JV Jonathan Van Every Indians -
KB Kyle Bloom Pirates -
LM Lou Marson Phillies -
MC Mike Costanzo Orioles -
ME Mitch Einertson Astros -
MP Matt Peterson Pirates -
RK Ryan Kalish Red Sox -
RS Ryan Speier Rockies -
SR Steven Register Rockies -
TC Tyler Colvin Cubs -
TM Tommy Manzella Astros -
TO Tim Olson Rockies -
WI Will Inman Padres -