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Ancient Icons is an insert set in 2008 Allen and Ginter. This 20 mini card set features legendary creatures and people from across the globe. The cards were inserted 1:48 packs. Some of the cards feature real, historical figures while other are simply myths and legends.


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  • A1 Gilgamesh
  • A2 Marduk
  • A3 Beowulf
  • A4 Poseidon
  • A5 The Sphinx
  • A6 Tutankhamen
  • A7 Alexander the Great
  • A8 Cleopatra
  • A9 Sun Tzu
  • A10 Quetzalcoatl
  • A11 Isis
  • A12 Hercules
  • A13 King Arthur
  • A14 Miyamoto Musashi
  • A15 Genghis Khan
  • A16 Zeus
  • A17 Achilles
  • A18 Confucius
  • A19 Attila the Hun
  • A20 Romulus and Remus

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