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An Autograph insert set was included in 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter. The 59 card set featured autographs from champions in other sports as well as baseball players. Overall odds of pulling an autographed card was approximately 1 per 67 packs. Series A were insert 1:277 packs and were short printed to varying numbers but were not serial numbered. The print runs are according to a release by Topps. Groups B and C were not given print runs by Topps and were inserted 1:256 and 1:135 respectively.

A red ink parallel set was also produced and inserted into packs and Rip cards. Each was hand serial numbered to 10 copies. The Red Ink cards from the Rip cards are not framed.

Reported Red Ink sales: Beckett Baseball Monthly Issue #283. B.Blair Rip - $95, M.Biondi Rip - $165, $80, J.Chestnut Rip - $125, P.Fielder Rip - $170, A.Fisher Rip - $120, D.Jansen Rip - $125, J.Lee Rip - $615, H.Ramirez Rip - $105, M.Ramirez Rip - $260, $D.Wright Rip - $295.


  • Common baseball players typically sell for $8-$12 dollars with Red Ink versions typically selling for $20.
  • The cards featuring non-baseball in Group A typically will cost $20-$40 per copy as they are more rare.
  • Baseball players in Group A are the main draw here, they rarely appear on the secondary market all now.



Number Person Group PR EXCH
AE Andre Ethier C NA
AF Andrea Farina A 190
AFI Allen Fisher A 190
AIR Alex Rios B NA
AL Andrew Litz A 190
AM Adriano Moraes A 190 EXCH
BB Bonnie Blair A 190
BJ Bruce Jenner A 190
BM Bob Motley A 190
BP Brad Penny A 240
BPB Brian Bannister C NA
BPM Billy Mitchell A 190
CB Clay Buchholz B NA
CC Carl Crawford A 240
CG Curtis Granderson B NA
DB Murray Campbell A 190
DJ Dan Jansen A 190
DK Dean Karnazes A 190
DO David Ortiz A 90
DW David Wright A 240
ES Ervin Santana C NA
FC Francisco Cordero C NA EXCH
FCC Fausto Carmona C NA
FM Frank Morris A 190
GJ Geoff Jenkins B NA
HP Hunter Pence A 90
HR Hanley Ramirez A 240
IK Ian Kinsler C NA
JBF Jeff Francoeur C NA
JC Joba Chamberlain B NA
JF Jeff Francis B NA
JJC Joey Chestnut A 190
JK Jeff King A 190 EXCH
JL Jeanette Lee A 190
JR Jose Reyes A 90
JS Jarrod Saltalamacchia C NA
KS Kerri Strug A 190
KVD Kevin Van Dam A 190
LL Lisa Leslie A 190
LM Les Miles A 190 EXCH
MB Matt Biondi A 190
MK Matt Kemp B NA
MR Manny Ramirez A 90
MS Mark Spitz A 190
MTH [[Matt Holliday A 90
NH Nicky Hayden A 240
NM Nick Markakis B NA
OH Orlando Hudson B NA
PF Prince Fielder A 90
PW Pete Weber A 190
RH Ryan Howard A 90
RJ Rampage Jackson A 190
SJW Serena Williams A 190
SW Stevie Williams A 240
TC Todd Clever A 190
TH Torii Hunter A 240
TLH Travis Hafner A 240
TN Takudzwa Ngwenya A 190

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