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The 2008 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics set was a series of insert sets in 2008 Topps Heritage.


The forty cards were released in 4 different groups each given a letter and inserted at differing odds.

  • Group A 1:4100 Hobby and 1:7400 Retail
  • Group B 1:18000 Hobby and 1:7800 Retail
  • Group C 1:90 Hobby and 1:182 Retail
  • Group D 1:54 Hobby and 1:108 Retail

The cards feature a mix of bat and jersey swatches. The retired players in Groups A and B are much rarer and hard to find than the veterans of groups C and D. The inclusion of Shawn Green and Richie Sexson in this set is pretty questionable. Neither had enjoyed a good season in 2007, niether of them had made an All-Star team since 2002, and Green would be out of baseball in 2008.


Number Player Team GU Group
AD Adam Dunn Reds Jersey C
AJ Andruw Jones Braves Bat C
AR Aramis Ramirez Cubs Bat C
BA Bobby Abreu Yankees Bat C
BG Bob Gibson Cardinals Pants A
CAB Craig Biggio Astros Jersey C
CB Carlos Beltran Mets Bat C
CC Carl Crawford Rays Jersey C
CD Carlos Delgado Mets Bat C
CL Carlos Lee Astros Bat C
DL Derek Lee Cubs Jersey C
DO David Ortiz Red Sox Jersey C
DY Dmitri Young Nationals ? C
EC Eric Chavez A's Jersey C
FT Frank Thomas A's Bat C
GA Garret Anderson Angels Jersey D
HB Hank Blalock Rangers Jersey D
IR Ivan Rodriguez Tigers Bat C
JD Johnny Damon Yankees Bat C
JE Jim Edmonds Cardinals Jersey D
JP Jorge Posada Yankees Bat C
JS John Smolz Braves Jersey D
JV Justin Verlander Tigers Jersey C
LA Luis Aparicio White Sox ? A
LB Lance Berkman Astros Jersey D
MC Miguel Cabrera Marlins Jersey D
MIM Minnie Minoso White Sox ? B
MM Mike Mussina Yankees Jersey D
MT Miguel Tejada Orioles Jersey D
PM Pedro Martinez Mets Jersey D
RH Ryan Howard Phillies Jersey D
RO Roy Oswalt Astros Jersey D
RS Richie Sexson Mariners Jersey D
RZ Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Jersey D
SG Shawn Green Mets Bat C
TH Todd Helton Rockies Bat C
TKH Torii Hunter Twins Jersey D
TLH Travis Hafner Indians Jersey D
WM Bill Mazeroski Pirates ? A
YB Yogi Berra Yankees Jersey A


Dual Relics[]

These 5 cards matchup a retired star with a similar modern star and have a game used from each of them. These cards were inserted at the rate of 1:5582 hobby and 1:11,000 retail.


Number Player 1 Player 2
AK Luis Aparicio Paul Konerko
BL Ernie Banks Derek Lee
GE Bob Gibson Jim Edmonds
MB Bill Mazeroski Jason Bay
MH Minnie Minoso Travis Hafner

Relic Autographs[]

9 relic cards were also autographed and inserted into packs at a rate of 1:6875 hobby and 1:14,200 retail. The cards are hand serial numbered to 25 copies each. Freddy Sanchez, Minnie Minoso and Scott Podsednik did not return their cards in time for packout and thus are included as exchange cards with a deadline of 2/28/2010.


Number Player 1 Team
AR Aramis Ramirez Cubs
BG Bob Gibson Cardinals
FS Freddy Sanchez Pirates
JC Joba Chamberlain Yankees
LA Luis Aparicio White Sox
MM Minnie Minoso White Sox
SP Scott Podsednick Rockies
WM Bill Mazeroski Pirates
YB Yogi Berra Yankees

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