2008 UD Masterpieces is a baseball card set produced by Upper Deck in 2008. After the success of the 2007 Masterpieces set, a similar set was released in 2008. Upper Deck added a few new parallel versions but keeping the basic theme of the set the same.


Base SetEdit

Parallel SetsEdit

Like the 2007 set, there were numerous parallels included, the more common ones were not serial numbered while the more rare ones were. Black and Red (No SN) were the most common. The rest are listed in order of increasing rarity: Navy (/125), Brown (/100), Green (/75), Blue (/50), Silver (/25), Gold (/10), Light Blue (/5) and Red (1/1).

Insert SetsEdit

As the parallel sets were the primary focus, there are very few insert sets in 2008 UD Masterpieces.

Captured on CanvasEdit

Approximately one Captured on Canvas Game Used (or one its parallels) were inserted in each box. The main game used set featured jersey swatches of many of the game's best players. A parallel Patch set was also produced and serial numbered /25. Also Autographed versions of the standard jersey and patch cards were also produced.

Stroke of Genius SignaturesEdit

2008 UD Master SOG DJ

The Strokes of Genius cards were inserted 1:15 packs with an overall autograph rate of one AU card per box. There are still discrepencies with the checklist for this set. With a very different checklist shown on vs. Exchange cards for this set could be redeemed until 9/15/2010.

Other InformationEdit

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