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Unique Unis is an insert set in 2009 Topps Unique. The 20-card set features players in either throwback or unusual uniforms. The base set is not serial numbered but the three parallel sets are: Bronze (SN to 99), Gold (SN to 25), and Platinum (each is a 1/1).



Number Player Team Uni Variation
1 Chipper Jones Braves
2 Ryan Braun Brewers
3 Alexi Ramirez White Sox 83 White Sox
4 Andrew McCutchen Pirates 1909 Pirates
5 Ben Sheets Brewers Milwaukee Bears (Negro League)
6 Jermain Dye White Sox Chicago American Giants (Negro League)
7 Prince Fielder Brewers
8 Evan Longoria Rays
9 Jason Giambi A's 1939 Oakland Oaks (PCL)
10 Jose Reyes Mets 86 Mets
11 Curtis Granderson Tigers 1909 Tigers
12 Jason Bay Red Sox
13 Jimmy Rollins Phillies 70's Phillies
14 Justin Verlander Tigers Detroit Stars (Negro League)
15 Roy Halladay Blue Jays 88 Blue Jays
16 David Wright Mets 86 Mets
17 Carl Crawford Rays
18 Gil Meche Royals KC Monarchs (Negro League)
19 Kevin Youkilis Red Sox 86 Red Sox
20 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Homestead Grays (Negro League)

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