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Box Score Memories is an insert set in 2009 Upper Deck Piece of History. The set has a base set which is serial numbered to 999 and is paralleled in Black (/149), Turquoise (/99), Red (/75) and Blue (/25). The set is also paralleled by a Jersey set, a red jersey set (serial numbered to 180) and a Patch set (serial numbered to 25). The set is also partially paralleled by an autographed jersey set with varying print runs.


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Number Player Team Date Jersey AU
CD Carlos Delgado Mets 6/27/2008 N/A
CF Chone Figgins Angels 9/2/2008 25
CJ Chipper Jones Braves 4/17/2008 25
CL Carlos Lee Astros 7/29/2008 N/A
DL Derrek Lee Cubs 4/5/2008 10
DO David Ortiz Red Sox 8/12/2008 N/A
DU Dan Uggla Marlins 6/11/2008 25
GS Gary Sheffield Tigers 9/26/2008 N/A
HR Hanley Ramirez Marlins 4/20/2008 25
JD Johnny Damon Yankees 6/7/2008 N/A
JF Jeff Francoeur Braves 4/12/2008 25
JH Jeremy Hermida Marlins 7/26/2008 N/A
JM Justin Morneau Twins 7/10/2008 N/A
KG Khalil Greene Padres 9/14/2007 25
MM Melvin Mora Orioles 7/15/2008 25
MR Manny Ramirez Red Sox 4/17/2008 N/A
NM Nick Markakis Orioles 6/6/2008 25
PB Pat Burrell Phillies 10/5/2008 N/A
PK Paul Konerko White Sox 10/6/2008 N/A
RB Ryan Braun Brewers 9/25/2008 25
RF Rafael Furcal Dodgers 10/2/2008 N/A
RW Rickie Weeks Brewers 9/2/2008 25
TH Travis Hafner Indians 9/4/2007 25
VM Victor Martinez Indians 9/16/2008 N/A
YE Yunel Escobar Braves 7/6/2008 N/A

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