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Topps 2020 is an insert set in 2010 Topps. This 20-card set featured players that Topps believed would still be starring in the major leagues by 2020. The cards were inserted in Series 2 packs at a rate of 1:6 hobby packs and 1:1 HTA jumbo packs.

Hard to argue with Topps on most of this list as of the beginning of the 2010 season, except Ryan Howard who would turn 40 in the 2020 season. Tommy Hanson's life was cut tragically short in 2015. After achieving great success as rookies in 2009 both Gordon Beckham and Chris Coghlan would go on to have solid major league careers but never achieving star status.

This was the first card set ever produced using the Azuna printing process, a printing process that gives 3 dimensional effects regardless of the angle of the card.


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Number Player Team
T1 Ryan Braun Brewers
T2 Gordon Beckham White Sox
T3 Andre Ethier Dodgers
T4 David Price Rays
T5 Justin Upton Diamondbacks
T6 Hunter Pence Astros
T7 Ryan Howard Phillies
T8 Buster Posey Giants
T9 Madison Bumgarner Giants
T10 Evan Longoria Rays
T11 Joe Mauer Twins
T12 Chris Coghlan Marlins
T13 Andrew McCutchen Pirates
T14 Ubaldo Jimenez Rockies
T15 Pablo Sandoval Giants
T16 David Wright Mets
T17 Tommy Hanson Braves
T18 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
T19 Zack Greinke Royals
T20 Matt Kemp Dodgers

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