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Venezuelan is an insert set in 2011 Topps Lineage. This 25-card partially parallels the main set, with card back written in Spanish rather than English as homage to the Venezuelan card sets produced by Topps in the 1960s. The cards were inserted 1:12 hobby packs or approximately 2 per box. Coincidentally Felix Hernandez is the only player featured in this set who was born in Venezuela.


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Number Player Team
TV1 Derek Jeter Yankees
TV2 Buster Posey Giants
TV3 Felix Hernandez Mariners
TV4 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
TV5 Chris Carpenter Cardinals
TV6 Josh Johnson Marlins
TV7 Andrew McCutchen Pirates
TV8 Carlos Santana Indians
TV9 David Wright Mets
TV10 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
TV11 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
TV12 David Price Rays
TV13 Chipper Jones Braves
TV14 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
TV15 Mark Teixeira Yankees
TV16 Jason Heyward Braves
TV17 Joe Mauer Twins
TV18 Starlin Castro Cubs
TV19 Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox
TV20 Ryan Braun Brewers
TV21 Cliff Lee Phillies
TV22 Jose Bautista Blue Jays
TV23 Adam Dunn White Sox
TV24 Albert Pujols Cardinals
TV25 Ian Kinsler Rangers