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2012 Pan Golden Age Batter Up 20

The set design is based on the 1934 Batter-Up set, but resized to modern standard size. The 25-card set includes 13 baseball players (almost none of whom played in 1934), in additional to athletes from golf, boxing, football, and horse racing. Two golden age Hollywood starlets, Ava Gardner and Jayne Mansfield, were also included.

Black Sox Bats[]

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Ferguson Bakery Pennants[]

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2012 Pan Golden Age Headlines 15

This 15-card set shows famous news headlines from the 20th century. Politics rather than sports dominates the set. No official newspaper (like the New York Times for example) was licensed to use their headlines, instead a fictional newspaper is used instead. Two baseball players were included in this set, Jackie Robinson and Tom Seaver.

Historic Cut Signatures[]

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Historic Signatures[]

Movie Posters[]

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Movie Posters Memorabilia[]

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Museum Age Memorabilia[]

Newark Evening World Supplement[]

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Triple Crown Winners Signatures[]

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