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Base Set[]

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Parallel Sets[]

Blank Backs[]

Topps sold a series of Blank Back cards paralleling the base set through the Topps Vault. Each card is encased and has a Topps Vault 1/1 hologram on the card back. The cards were only available online and could not be pulled from packs.

Insert Sets[]

Overall, 1 insert was included in each pack.

Christian Lopez[]

Elite Skills[]

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A 30-card set inserted 1:4 packs, this set focuses on specific skills that star players have. For example: Ichiro's elite skill is Opposite Field Hitting.

Fantasy Squad[]

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Opening Day Stars[]

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A 25-card set inserted 1:4 packs, this set features the mascots from around the major leagues. This is one of the standard sets in Opening Day from 2010, 2011 and beyond.

Superstar Celebrations[]

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The lone hit insert set in 2012 Topps Opening Day (as per standard Topps Opening Day sets) is the 10-card Autographs set. The cards were inserted at a rate of 1:468 packs or about one per case.