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The Base Set of 2012 Triple Play is made up of 300 cards. The first 90 cards are the basic set and the rest of the set are various subsets. Cards 91-234 are puzzle cards where 9 cards when put together form a picture of a player. Cards 235-264 make up the Focus subset. Cards 265-272 refer to baseball terms and plays. 273-284 are portraits of Hall of Fame players. 285-294 are the "When I Was A Kid" subset, a throwback to 1992 Triple Play Little Hotshots subset. Finally 295-300 are Real Feel cards, non-game used pieces of jersey, bat, etc. but are not associated with any particular player.

As the set is not MLB licensed, no team logos appear in the set. For the basic cards the card backs show the career stats for the player as well as a brief biographical profile and a baseball trivia question (with the answer printed upside down). For example: "Name the five attributes of a five-tool player" Answer: Hit for average, hit for power, run, throw, and field.



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