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There are four parallel sets for the 2013 Bowman Platinum set: Gold, Sapphire and Ruby as well as the Printing Plates for each card. The Gold, Sapphire and Ruby sets are not serial numbered and are inserted at 1:5, 1:10 and 1:20 packs respectively. The Printing Plates are each 1/1 in four colors and were inserted 1:1490 packs.

Insert Sets

Prospects and Chrome Prospect Refractors

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Prospect Autographs

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Cutting Edge Stars

Cutting Edge Stars Autographs

Cutting Edge Stars Relics

Diamonds in the Rough

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Dual Autographs

Triple Autographs


Jumbo Patches

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Jumbo Relic Autographs

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Purely Platinum Autographs

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Relic Autographs

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Top Prospects

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