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2013 Panini Cooperstown is a baseball card set manufactured and distributed by Panini. Panini had secured a multi-year license with the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and this was the second set that showcased the Hall and the players enshrined within. The previous year's set had been a moderate hit with collectors and Panini tried to build on that with a second set in 2013. Note that Panini held a license with the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Major League Baseball Players Association, but not with Major League Baseball itself. Thus no team logos or names are used in the set.


Base Set[]

2013 Pan Coop Base 005

The 110-card base set is made up entirely of Hall of Fame players. The first 100 cards are commons while cards 101-110 were short prints. As Panini did not have a major league baseball license they were unable to use team mascots, symbols, names or colors on the cards. They made up for this by covering the ballcaps with the border in most cases. Some of the older photographs show teams with plain colored hats depending on the era in which the player played.

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